What Happened to ChicagoNow.com?


On August 18, 2022, the website ChicagoNow.com was suddenly shut down. No announcement was made prior to the closure. The decision was made by Tribune Publishing who owned the website. Alden Global Capital had been received approval to purchase Tribune Publishing on May 21, 2021 with a bid of $633 million. Source: ‘Vulture’ Fund Alden […]

YouTube Subscription Feed Algorithm Change May 2018


One of the most frustrating things people have to deal with on the Internet in 2018 is algorithms ruining their feeds. Log on to Facebook or many other networks and instead of seeing content from friends and pages you’re subscribed to in a nice, chronological order, you get some kind of algorithmic mess which everyone […]

Where Did the HuffPost Contributor Network Go?

If you are unable to log in to the HuffPost Contibutor Network blogging platform, you should know that the system has shut down. Most people think it shut down due to a pending lawsuit and so that HuffPost could control the direction of their content. Where do I contribute now? For years I have tossed […]

Wayback Machine Losing Website Content After 301 Redirect

I love the Wayback Machine but it has some bizarre and crippling flaws which make it incapable of preserving the web’s content. In fact, the last 5 or 6 times I went to recover old content via the Wayback Machine, the Internet Archive had lost all of the content that it had already saved at […]