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lenShowing up when people are looking for your product or service generates sales, period. I have owned multiple successful businesses that my family and employees have depended upon, one of which served over 37,000 clients worldwide  due to the power of unique content. I have been developing content and building things online that people love since 1993. – Len, Founder & Chief Content Creator at Telapost.

eric andrewsI first met Len a few months ago and we had a conversation about SEO. I told him if you aren’t on the first page you aren’t even on the Internet. He told me he could get me there but it would take some time….and it would cost some money. Sure enough after a few months we saw ourselves on the first page for some crucial key word searches. This guy really knows what he is doing and is worth every penny! – Eric Andews, Realtor

bobDozens of people told me what I needed, links, SEO, and other. Thankfully, Telapost told me almost the opposite. Some of it was tough to believe at first but in the end not only does my business’s website show up for what I wanted it to show up for, it shows up for hundreds of other things just as promised, enabling my business to expand. Their content strategies work and they have creative ideas that I would never have thought of. When I needed more of their services they were able to accommodate. I have used networking groups, PPC, direct mail and other advertisements, and nothing compares. – Bob Taylor

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