How do I get my articles back from

As soon as I published the article “What happened to“, the comments, emails and phone calls began pouring in. Upset authors are wondering where their content went to and how they can get it back. NOTE: If you are looking for a new place to put it please visit our page: Write for a […]

How To Download 3 Million Pages of Content

I can’t mention which site here but recently I wanted to archive a website. Unfortunately, it had 3 – 4 million pages of content. To be honest, I haven’t added it up yet, but there is well over 3. HTTRACK My normal site copier of choice is HTTRACK. I discovered the limitations of this program […]

What Happened to

People trying to go to are now redirected to a site called Where did it go? My personal guess The site’s performance was lackluster and failing. Here is a screenshot/estimate of the site’s performance in 2016, courtesy of similarweb: The page had millions of pages of content and was receiving under 10 million […]