“After 12 years of running a successful brick and mortar business and seeing how drastically the Internet affects local business, and the terrible service some Internet marketers offer, I decided to sell my company to help other business owners succeed online. It was a rocky road, but in the end my Internet presence helped pay payroll, taxes, and brought in millions and millions of dollars in revenue while competitors went out of business – I genuinely felt terrible for them. I personally provide many of the services below, or have other people who are genuinely awesome at what they do that I work with. Telapost means future of the web. The Internet disrupts many businesses- they can neglect it or grasp it. For those that want to use it, I am here to help.” – Len, Owner

Google Plus Local Page Marketing – Your Google+ Local Page is very powerful. It affects search. It is a platform that can not be ignored. There are a lot of aspects to it, so please read about it. Do not sit back and wait for your competitors to beat you to this vital platform.

Copywriting and Content – The key to ranking in search is content. That’s it, the cat is out of the bag. I’ve brought in millions and millions of dollars from content. Create your own, or have me do it, but it isn’t something you can skimp on.

SEO – You basically need a good site with good content on it to rank these days, but I do offer the entire SEO enchilada.

Local Search Marketing – Show up when your customers are ready to purchase the products/services that you offer.

Social Media Marketing – Likes, Pins, and plusses, oh my.

Web Design – These days you need a responsive website that works on all devices that you can easily add content to. Simple blog? eCommerce solution? Read more about it here.

Web Hosting – I don’t really get any joy out of hosting sites but it has become a part of this business. I come across so many sites that need to be rebuilt and put onto a good host. The best is Rackspace, but it is expensive- so I bought a huge package from them to save you money, just because I’m a nice guy. 🙂

Adwords – Pay Per Click advertising. Hey, it works instantly. It isn’t for everyone. I see it as a last resort for many businesses. I am not an Adwords guru but I can handle most small business accounts with success. If it is out of my league I’ll refer you out or get an official Google account manager to configure your campaign for you. Google+ marketing is a prerequisite if you want social extensions used in your ads.

Reputation Management – I have successfully beat down bad news for good people. It is time consuming and expensive.

Hosted Exchange – I offer this, too.

Video and Photography – I take some photos for blogs but work with true experts for corporate photography needs. If you need some headshots, or a team of people to roll up with a van with $90,000 of equipment on board I know the best in the business.

Google Maps Business Photos – I work with professionals who are authorized to take and submit these photos.