SEO Copywriting & Content Tip: Include & Optimize Images

ugly image example

It never ceases to amaze me that I still see people who call themselves “SEO copywriters” producing content with no images. This is simply insane. If you strive to be an SEO copywriter or produce your own content, you must use images, especially if the page is supposed to rank well in search. There are […]

SEO Copywriting Tip: Describe the Benefits of Your Product or Service

SEO Copywriting Tip

In the early 2000’s I started selling laptops on eBay. I became a Gold level Powerseller. In the 2002 – 2005 era people were purchasing their first laptop. Back then it wasn’t about having the best price or the latest product; in fact the best sellers were laptops that I had rebuilt that were around […]

Real Estate SEO Copywriting and Social Media

Real Estate SEO Copywriting

Real Estate brokers and agents can gain more buyers and sellers online with SEO, copywriting and/or social media. Here’s how. Real Estate brokers and agents typically find SEO and online marketing complicated. There are so many people and companies trying to tell them how to do it. The truth is, every niche and city is […]

Counter-intuitive Content and Resources = SEO

content resources seo

Do you have any counter-intuitive content on your website? This is often accomplished by putting up a resource that is the opposite of what you’re selling, or information that makes your service obsolete. Why develop a resource like this? Resources are unique, helpful, and great for SEO. When people arrive to your site and are […]