After speaking with several business owners and asking multiple “normal people” who use search using the engine Google I confident that the latest 3 pack update of local search will result in business owners spending much more money.

The costly changes

I am not sure if this was there intention or not, but, just look at these search results. I fail to see how any of these changes provide a better user experience. A quick search for Plumber Dallas TX results in just 3 results. Obviously, if you are not in these 3 results your business will pay the price one way or another. All of these changes increase the amount of time people spend on Google’s site and push many more businesses in to paying for ads.

local results
Google Local Search Results of Plumber Dallas TX – August 8, 2015


Paid only Beta testing taking place:

In some niches, the Google local search results have been completely eliminated, and only people who pay show up in the first search results.

paid results of plumbers in san francisco
Paid results of plumbers in San Francisco

Read more about Google Home Services Beta here.

Spend More!

People who wish to show up in the new Google local search 3 pack can usually do so with a combination of strong reviews and top organic ranking. Top organic ranking costs both time and money- I provide both of these services here every day. People who do not pay a premium for SEO get stuck with some “SEO Company” that is going to burn them.

Other people will give up and pay for AdWords, or for maximum exposure, will pay for both organic placement and paid placement.

And, some businesses will not spend more, and will simply get less business.

Either way, the Google local search results change is definitely going to impact businesses.



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