I couldn’t track him down but Malcom Reed creates content right. And, he also BBQs right! With Memorial Day upon us and me looking to build upon my great content examples page I figured it would be a great time to feature Malcom’s site, HowToBBQRight.com.

Back story: I love North Carolina. When I moved here, someone offered me “barbeque”. I asked barbecue what? Barbeque hamburgers? Barbeque chicken? The waitress looked at me like I was nuts. Yes, I am a “Yankee”, a term I wasn’t aware was still in use until I got here. Anyways, that was just the beginning of my BBQ journey. I love all Southern food and married a woman from the middle of Kentucky. I now have my own seasoned skillet and am drinking some sweet tea as I type. I also became a big fan of BBQ. I built a couple of smokers and settled upon a drum smoker after seeing their amazing performance in competitions. I began attending BBQ competitions because I wanted to try the best BBQ possible; that is where I discovered most teams cook for the judges, so, I became a BBQ judge. Judging BBQ usually requires judges to base scores on taste, texture, and appearance. Competition style BBQ is a little different than backyard BBQ.

As for competition style BBQ, it is amazing. If you are looking to smoke better BBQ, it is basically mandatory that you see how the pros do it.

Malcolm Reed’s Killer Content

bbq rubWhy the site started:
I’m not sure what led Malcom to start his website. Maybe he just wanted to show the world how to BBQ correctly after much trial and error and cooking competition Q with his partner at Killer Hogs BBQ. Maybe it was his content marketing strategy to sell his rubs and sauces. I’m not sure what his intentions were, but there is not doubt in my mind that he is getting crushed with niche traffic, and for good reason: he serves up the best guides on the Internet on how to BBQ right.

Text and video content
Much of the content on howtobbqright.com is in both video and text, which is excellent. YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world; not only can you watch the videos, you can read the text if you prefer. And, of course, search engines love text, and YouTube videos display in Google search as well. Aside from the search benefits, sometimes I’ll watch a video prior to cooking, and then bring up the site and look at the directions in text while I’m smoking.

Here’s a great video on how to make BBQ:

Has content helped the site in unexpected ways?
I can’t speak for the website owner but I’m certain content has surprised Malcolm in one way or another. It seems that new for 2015 Malcolm and 2 other pitmasters are starting a competition cooking school.

Available recipes
The website covers chicken and poultry, barbecue beef, barbecue pork, barbecue ribs, football food, grilled recipes, fish recipes, steaks and burgers, sides and such.

Find Malcolm Online:

Here’s a few of his websites:


I created my past 3 businesses based on content and it appears that Malcolm has done the same thing here. If you are looking for inbound business, content is almost always the way to go. If you would like to learn how content has affected other business owners just go on over to my great content examples page.


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