If you were looking for the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse website you may have noticed that you are now redirected to Lumen Database.

You may be looking for Chilling Effects if you were checking on a DMCA takedown notice if your content has been stolen.

The entire ChillingEffects.org website has been redirected over to https://lumendatabase.org/. Many pages, including the fan fiction, FAQ, disclaimer and weather reports page redirect to a 404 error page on the Lumen Database website, confusing people.

What is the Lumen Database?

Lumen Logo

Lumen’s goal is to be “the definitive online source for worldwide requests to remove content from the Internet.”

This blog post on their website says it best. Here’s a quote from the post:

Against this backdrop, it made sense to that the next logical step in Chilling Effects’ growth, if it was to continue to be the definitive source for requests to remove content from the Internet, was to become a more explicitly international project with a broad-based mission to map and facilitate research on global requests to remove content from the Internet.


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