Great Ophthalmologist Content by Isaac Porter, MD

Dr Isaac Porter

Whenever I visit an eye doctor’s website the first thing I usually notice is that there is a lack of content. When I discovered I was thrilled to see not only a blog, but a YouTube video series! Holy content! Isaac Porter, MD, is an Ophthalmologist in Raleigh North Carolina who produces a YouTube […]

Content Marketing Online in 1993

BBS List

Today we’re going travel in time back to circa 1993-1995. This, my friends, is when being online was pretty awesome. In 1992, for example, the Internet consisted of approximately 10 websites. That is not a misprint, TEN. People used the Internet, just not for web browsing. I’m pretty sure it was mostly 14yr old hackers, […]

Great Content by Restaurant Owner Greg Lewis

Greg Lewis

Today’s content marketing interview is with Greg Lewis, Owner of Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store. The title of this article says restaurant, but the Roadhouse is much, much more than just a restaurant. In January of 2012, the General Store Café closed its doors in Pittsboro North Carolina. When it closed, a piece of Pittsboro […]

Great Website Content by Professional Organizer Geralin Thomas

Geralin Thomas

In the summer of 2014 I met professional organizer Geralin Thomas. If she looks familiar, you may have seen her on the TV show “Hoarders” on A&E. She is the owner of Metropolitan Organizing. When I looked her up online I was thrilled to see a website that ranks very well which was, of course, […]

Great Examples of Business Website Content

content examples

As a professional content creator I always sit up and pay close attention to great content when I see it. It is of no surprise to me that over the years some of the best content that I have seen comes directly from the business owner themselves; they are, after all, usually very passionate about […]

Quantity vs Quality Content

A common debate amongst content creators is probably content quality vs content quality. There are definitely advantages to both. In some niches you need quality content, in other niches you need quantities of unique content. Quality vs Quantity Quantity vs quality depends completely on your goals. If you are doing content marketing and you are […]

Firearms and Ammunition SEO, Content & Copywriting

shotgun image

Across the Internet are probably tens of thousands of people and firms who would be thrilled to charge firearms and ammo dealers and manufacturers for “SEO” and Internet marketing. What local dealers and manufacturers need to understand is to hit their target they need content. People search on the Internet looking for you and the […]

Getting New Content Marketing Ideas from Creating Content

content marketing ideas

Sometimes I run out of content marketing ideas. When I do I will sometimes Google around and try to come up with one. I promptly become sidetracked, wind up going down the rabbit hole called the Internet and before you know it there is a GIF of a cat riding a skateboard on my screen. […]

SEO Copywriting & Content Tip: Include & Optimize Images

ugly image example

It never ceases to amaze me that I still see people who call themselves “SEO copywriters” producing content with no images. This is simply insane. If you strive to be an SEO copywriter or produce your own content, you must use images, especially if the page is supposed to rank well in search. There are […]

SEO Copywriting Tip: Describe the Benefits of Your Product or Service

SEO Copywriting Tip

In the early 2000’s I started selling laptops on eBay. I became a Gold level Powerseller. In the 2002 – 2005 era people were purchasing their first laptop. Back then it wasn’t about having the best price or the latest product; in fact the best sellers were laptops that I had rebuilt that were around […]

What is the Lifespan of a Blog Post?

update your content #telapost

I am often asked, what is the lifespan of a blog post? There is a lot of terrible information out there. I have heard everything from a week, 3 weeks, or that the average lifespan of a blog post is two months. This is incorrect, and just plain wrong. Blog posts are forever. The average […]

Can SEO Companies Provide Content Marketing?

can seo companies provide content marketing?

Many old school SEO companies pretend to be on top of the latest Internet marketing buzzword. They have a sales staff that is fantastic at hunting, gathering, and closing leads. Unfortunately for them, nearly everyone and their mother these days knows that many of these companies fail to deliver on their promises. What went wrong […]