Geralin ThomasIn the summer of 2014 I met professional organizer Geralin Thomas. If she looks familiar, you may have seen her on the TV show “Hoarders” on A&E. She is the owner of Metropolitan Organizing. When I looked her up online I was thrilled to see a website that ranks very well which was, of course, loaded with fresh and unique content. Her posts are well written, informative, and very shareable. I was also thoroughly impressed with her social media presence. She has excellent organic reach on Facebook and her Pinterest and others accounts are booming as well by people who have a genuine desire to see what she is going to post next. If you are a business owner who aspires to succeed online (or someone who needs to get organized) I would encourage you to check out Metropolitan Organizing. Geralin Thomas was kind enough to answer the questions below for us about her content and social media presence.

This interview is part of an ongoing blog series: Great Examples of Business Website Content. Below is our interview with Geralin.

An Interview With Geralin Thomas

How has content helped with your success online? 

I focus on helping new professional organizers start and grow their businesses. On my blog, I write consistently about topics related to becoming a professional organizer, building a better professional organizing business and how professional organizers should use business forms. The content I produce has established my authority in those areas and ensures my website is relevant in searches related to those topics.

Instead of constantly dreaming up ideas, I keep a journal of the questions I’m most frequently asked. I write blog posts based on those questions and interview experts related to those subjects. I’ve even used the exact wording in the headline or titles. It’s simplified the writing process and given me a new purpose. I entertain, inform, educate and share. It’s great to be focused and remain on topic, but it’s also nice to know there are real people behind a business or brand.

Has social media helped promote your content? 

Social media has helped me attract new clients and increase my media exposure by building an audience around my brand. It allows me to network with people I have something in common with. I’ve even used it to connect with colleagues who’ll be at an upcoming conference I’m attending. Social media also permits my followers to discover who I am as a person. I paint in my spare time and enjoy sharing my artwork on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a simple way to engage with others on a more personal level.

Do you consider your content “content marketing” or do you just have a passion for what you do? 

I don’t think of it as creating content marketing. Search engines and social media networks constantly change their rules. It’s too unpredictable. Instead, I focus on what my clients and potential clients want to hear. My passion is answering questions related to organizing homes and home offices and becoming a professional organizer. I have the most success when I provide my audience with information that’s relevant to their challenges and helps them achieve their goals.

Looking back, would you produce more or less content?

I’ve cut way back on how often I blog and engage online. I do it when I feel inspired and network on social media when I have time to give it my full attention. The automated “robo” engagement tools feel inappropriate for my business. Auto-tweets are convenient, but don’t always make sense. Who wants to read “My Best Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas” in May? I understand why Skittles or Delta Airlines would want their messages churned out 24/7, but I like to engage with my followers one-on-one.

As a coach, I teach other business owners to simplify, set boundaries and practice mindfulness. The illusion that I’m available all day, every day isn’t the image I want to project. It’s important to hop off the hamster wheel every once in awhile — to just shut things down and engage face-to-face.

Which social media platform are your followers most engaged on? 

It depends; different audiences engage on different platforms. Most of my organizing and hoarding clients are comfortable on Pinterest and Facebook. I chat with organizing colleagues and friends on Twitter. My tech-savvy clients enjoy Google+ whereas most business-focused people are on LinkedIn. Home Advisors is a great place to socialize with DIY bloggers and most décor experts connect on Houzz.

I love the brevity of Twitter, the ease of Facebook and the organization of Pinterest.

Has social media directly led to any sales?

Yes. It’s led to paid speaking engagements, product sales and writing gigs. It’s also led to paid commercial work for brands.

Has it created more brand awareness?

Well, yes, especially as paid talent (working on air/on camera for a brand or production company). Brand representatives and media firms read social media streams. More than one person has said they feel like they know me based on the long history of posts I’ve engaged in. This type of earned media is why I advise the new organizers I coach to be themselves online. If you’re edgy in real life, be edgy. Be funny, sarcastic, or anything else. Just be you. People are drawn to brands and individuals who are genuinely unique.

How To Find Geralin Thomas Online:

Her company is Metropolitan Organizing. Her website is The website contains links to her Facebook page, Pinterest page, Twitter, and all of the other social media profiles as well. Other pages of interest on her site include becoming a professional organizer, and her professional organizing services.


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  1. Great article and some really good questions. I think of Geralin of someone as an expert in the organizing industry and its nice to hear her answer some questions everyone wants to know. Geralin- Thank you for paving the way and helping this industry!

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