Orthodontist SEO, Copywriting, and Social Media


If you are an orthodontist looking to market your business, showing up in search when people are looking for the services you offer is the most effective way to get new patients. This is done by having unique, professionally written content on your website in combination with ethical, holistic SEO (search engine optimization). Why do […]

Veterinarian SEO Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization

vet SEO

If you are a veterinarian looking to grow your practice, the best thing you can do is have a strong Internet presence. This delivers the most cost effective return on investment. During your search for Internet marketing, search engine marketing, and SEO (search engine optimization) you will hear all kinds of nonsense. What you need […]

Information Technology Copywriting, Content, and SEO Services

IT Content and SEO

IT companies, computer repair centers, Information Technology training companies and more who wish to rank in Google search need something on their website called content. If you own one of these companies and wish to rank better in search you will be hard pressed to find anyone in the field more experienced and able than […]

Is your Content a Bacon Weave Taco?!

bacon weave taco

Is your content a bacon weave taco?! Search engines reward websites that consistently put up quality content, plain and simple. Put up great content, rank in search. Assuming you have a quality product or service to offer that people either want or need, you will make money. I know, because I write content that ranks […]

Optometrist SEO Copywriting and Content Marketing

Optometrists are told all sorts of crazy things by SEO companies, marketers, and salespeople. These salespeople are very convincing. One of my friends works for one of the largest SEO firms in Raleigh North Carolina and he tells me their tricks all the time. He tells me: “Len, we call their customers patients. We speak […]