I often forget to make my own content. Even on this blog, it sat vacant for a while. I am busy creating content for other people and helping businesses with their web presence. Of all people, why haven’t I been making content? Do I not practice what I preach? I suppose the plumber’s pipes always leak and the shoemaker’s children go barefoot.

Creating content for your website is extremely important.

The tougher the niche, the more content you need. If you need an example of how content helps a website please see my recent post the value of ranking in Google search. But content is more than just words on a page. A great SEO and content writer has a content strategy in mind, understands topical authority and the value of internal links. He or she makes the content shareable if desired and can optionally perform content marketing.

Business owners can create great content, but usually do not.

Business owners usually have something great. I call it passion. Usually they love what they do and do great at it. They are the experts. Can they talk about their product or service better than some SEO copywriter? It depends. For example. You could call two computer geeks and ask them the same question: “Which CPU should I purchase?”. One might tell you the i5 CPU will fit your needs. The other may go into a huge rant about cores and threading and how 64 bit software works. They might as well be speaking Greek to you. The same goes for any niche. A person may only get cataracts once in their life. If they land on an optimized site that is well written and explains that LASIK surgery is painless and what to expect from the process they will very likely make an appointment. An optometrist might sit down and start banging out content about opthalmoscopies and tonometry and yadda yadda yadda.

In other niches, sitting down and putting together great content simply isn’t worth the business owner’s time.

And then other business owners are just not good at it. They might be great at installing air conditioners, but just have no idea where to begin with their content, even though they are driving through different towns daily and seeing all types of furnaces and problems.

This all said, I have seen some of the best content ever coming from business owners.


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