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This advice applies to small businesses that wish to rank better in Google search: Take your content one step further.

How do I create content for my website?

If you understand the amazing return on investment ranking in search offers and work in a competitive niche, you might be looking for SEO. Part of any good SEO package includes content creation, as fresh, unique, informative content is what it takes to rank in search in a competitive niche, plain and simple. Some business owners want to create their own content. I’ve explained many times over the years that some of the best content I’ve ever read has come directly from the business owner. After all, they are the experts in their field and truly understand their niche. However, many business owners run out of content ideas, have little or no SEO experience, or their time is simply more valuable spent working in their business or on their business than coming up with content ideas. For example, an optometrist is probably far better off (and better at) operating a phoropter or a retinoscope than creating content, just as I am much better off creating content that attempting to operate one of these tools.

So, how do you create content for your website? Content can be as simple as a blog post. In fact, this is currently the best form of content- text on a page. Of course, an optometrist likely has a nice page up showing their credentials and explaining that they perform eye exams, and possibly 6 or 7 more pages set up which cover cataracts or LASIK, etc. What else is there to talk about? A lot! Blog posts should be based around a content strategy. The strategy could be as simple as elaborating on services offered and/or discussing things which the other professionals in the area have not. I’ll cover both below.

How an optometrist can take their content one step further by discussing things the others have not:

Let’s say this optometrist is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Articles can discuss things the competition has not such as:

How a personal injury attorney can take their content one step further by elaborating on their services:

A personal injury attorney can take their content one step further as well by elaborating on their services. Instead of just putting up a page stating they can get you a ton of money for your car accident and being done with it,  a firm’s blog can have an endless amount of content. Some ideas just off of the top of my head for a firm in Charlotte could be about:

What have we learned?

As you can see, taking your content one step further can be applied to almost any niche. IT professionals, cake designers, wedding planners, roof installers, home inspectors, real estate agents and anyone can take their content one step further. If you need assistance creating content for your website please visit my page about copywriting and content creation or email me here.


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