Content Marketing Online in 1993

BBS List

Today we’re going travel in time back to circa 1993-1995. This, my friends, is when being online was pretty awesome. In 1992, for example, the Internet consisted of approximately 10 websites. That is not a misprint, TEN. People used the Internet, just not for web browsing. I’m pretty sure it was mostly 14yr old hackers, […]

Great Examples of Business Website Content

content examples

As a professional content creator I always sit up and pay close attention to great content when I see it. It is of no surprise to me that over the years some of the best content that I have seen comes directly from the business owner themselves; they are, after all, usually very passionate about […]

The Raw Power and SEO value of Epic Content


I have loved content marketing since I was distributing my BBS list in 1993. I had no idea that I was marketing content, but, it was indeed content that people were dying to see each month. This was pre-Internet Explorer and pre-Google. Back then people visited your online presence because they wanted to see the […]

Can SEO Companies Provide Content Marketing?

can seo companies provide content marketing?

Many old school SEO companies pretend to be on top of the latest Internet marketing buzzword. They have a sales staff that is fantastic at hunting, gathering, and closing leads. Unfortunately for them, nearly everyone and their mother these days knows that many of these companies fail to deliver on their promises. What went wrong […]

Counter-intuitive Content and Resources = SEO

content resources seo

Do you have any counter-intuitive content on your website? This is often accomplished by putting up a resource that is the opposite of what you’re selling, or information that makes your service obsolete. Why develop a resource like this? Resources are unique, helpful, and great for SEO. When people arrive to your site and are […]

Orthodontist SEO, Copywriting, and Social Media


If you are an orthodontist looking to market your business, showing up in search when people are looking for the services you offer is the most effective way to get new patients. This is done by having unique, professionally written content on your website in combination with ethical, holistic SEO (search engine optimization). Why do […]

Veterinarian SEO Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization

vet SEO

If you are a veterinarian looking to grow your practice, the best thing you can do is have a strong Internet presence. This delivers the most cost effective return on investment. During your search for Internet marketing, search engine marketing, and SEO (search engine optimization) you will hear all kinds of nonsense. What you need […]

Information Technology Copywriting, Content, and SEO Services

IT Content and SEO

IT companies, computer repair centers, Information Technology training companies and more who wish to rank in Google search need something on their website called content. If you own one of these companies and wish to rank better in search you will be hard pressed to find anyone in the field more experienced and able than […]

Take your Content One Step Further

content one step

This advice applies to small businesses that wish to rank better in Google search: Take your content one step further. How do I create content for my website? If you understand the amazing return on investment ranking in search offers and work in a competitive niche, you might be looking for SEO. Part of any […]

Penguin 2.1 Launches Today


Matt Cutts announced Penguin 2.1 today via tweet. This is good news. Spammers beware. Clients rejoice. Panda & penguin are all black and white to me (pun intended). If you have a quality website with quality SEO done to it and are playing by the guideless, and you are adding useful content, you will be rewarded […]