YouTube’s CEO Addresses Coronavirus Content Concerns – March 2020

As the coronavirus continues to dominate international headlines, YouTube is taking proactive steps to ensure authoritative news reaches its users.   In a recent blog post, CEO Susan Wojcicki said YouTube will prioritize coronavirus content that has been put together by reliable, science-backed organizations. In particular, YouTube will highlight the latest data from the World […]

The Trust Project Partners to help Google Identify “Fake News” Content

Google, Facebook, and a few other tech companies have announced they will team up with Santa Clara University’s Trust Project. By including Trust Indicator icons on web-based news content, tech leaders hope they can help readers distinguish between credible journalism and “fake news.” The Trust Project, which is a part of Santa Clara University’s Markkula […]

This Is What Viral Content Looks Like in Real Time Google Analytics

I have the fortunate opportunity to work with websites all over the world in a wide variety of niches. Some are business sites which get 10 – 15 great hits every day. On the other end of the spectrum I work with publishers which occasionally get 20,000 hits per minute. Their SEO and content needs […]

Can I Reuse Someone’s Deleted Content?

It never ceases to amaze me when people are willing to delete content. Today I discovered a California law firm which had recently deleted hundreds of articles from their blog. This was great content which is extremely valuable in the right hands. It just so happens I have the perfect place to resurrect this particular […]

Text Content Being Plagiarized and Uploaded to YouTube – How To Stop It

A publisher that I recently did some consulting for was losing traffic in Google organic search results. They had a half a dozen issues which I quickly spotted and resolved. One of the problems was that the content from their news articles was being stolen shortly after it went live. The individual stealing the content […]

What To Do if your SEO Company Deletes Your Content

North Carolina is home to many scenic mountains and beautiful coastlines. Unfortunately, it is also home to some of the worst SEO companies in the United States. This weekend I heard a story that one of them removes content that you paid for from your site if you cancel your contract with them. This may […]

What Happened to Chilling Effects?

LumenLumen Logo

If you were looking for the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse website you may have noticed that you are now redirected to Lumen Database. You may be looking for Chilling Effects if you were checking on a DMCA takedown notice if your content has been stolen. The entire website has been redirected over to Many […]

The Value of Tribalism Online


As society becomes ever more sophisticated, the urge to be part of a tribal community grows more powerful. Modern Westerners go to great lengths, putting plugs in their ears, getting tribal tattoo bands, or doing all sorts of disgusting things to their bodies to stand apart together. Who needs surgery when you have sports? When […]

Eric Andrews, Real Estate Broker, Explains How Content Helps Him

Eric Andrews Web Content

Eric Andrews is a very successful real estate broker. Approximately 1 year ago he added a blog to his website and has been adding videos to his YouTube channel regularly. He has now reached a new milestone of having over 100 active listings. Telephone calls and emails are a daily occurrence as a direct result […]

Epic BBQ Web Content by

bbq rub

I couldn’t track him down but Malcom Reed creates content right. And, he also BBQs right! With Memorial Day upon us and me looking to build upon my great content examples page I figured it would be a great time to feature Malcom’s site, Back story: I love North Carolina. When I moved here, […]

DUI Attorney Website Content Interview with Andy Green

DUI Attorney Andy Green

Website content that answers questions from potential clients always ranks well in Google search. Ranking in Google search of course is invaluable to businesses and professionals in almost all niches. Today I’m very happy to spending a few moments with Attorney Andy Green to hear first hand from him how his website content contributes to […]

Real Estate Magazine Web Content by Blair Callahan

Blair Callahan

While doing a search on the Internet the other day I bumped into the New Homes & Ideas website. The first thing I noticed is that there is a ton of fresh, helpful content going onto the site on a consistent basis. Then I realized that the creator of this content is Blair Callahan, who […]

How Author James Fell uses Web Content

James Fell

James Fell is an MBA grad and professional fitness speaker and an internationally syndicated fitness columnist whose work is read by millions each month. He writes for the Chicago Tribune, interviews celebrities for the Los Angeles Times about their fitness stories, is the head fitness writer for, did a four-year stint as head fitness […]

Great Ophthalmologist Content by Isaac Porter, MD

Dr Isaac Porter

Whenever I visit an eye doctor’s website the first thing I usually notice is that there is a lack of content. When I discovered I was thrilled to see not only a blog, but a YouTube video series! Holy content! Isaac Porter, MD, is an Ophthalmologist in Raleigh North Carolina who produces a YouTube […]

Content Marketing Online in 1993

BBS List

Today we’re going travel in time back to circa 1993-1995. This, my friends, is when being online was pretty awesome. In 1992, for example, the Internet consisted of approximately 10 websites. That is not a misprint, TEN. People used the Internet, just not for web browsing. I’m pretty sure it was mostly 14yr old hackers, […]

Great Website Content by Personal Injury Attorney Ed Smith

ed smith

Today’s content interview is with Personal Injury Attorney Edward A Smith. He is the founder of His practice is The Law Offices of Edward A Smith. He has a 10.0 “perfect” AVVO rating. Ed is possibly the most “personal” personal injury attorney I have met. You can see his story and why he loves […]

Great Content by Restaurant Owner Greg Lewis

Greg Lewis

Today’s content marketing interview is with Greg Lewis, Owner of Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store. The title of this article says restaurant, but the Roadhouse is much, much more than just a restaurant. In January of 2012, the General Store Café closed its doors in Pittsboro North Carolina. When it closed, a piece of Pittsboro […]

Great Website Content by Professional Organizer Geralin Thomas

Geralin Thomas

In the summer of 2014 I met professional organizer Geralin Thomas. If she looks familiar, you may have seen her on the TV show “Hoarders” on A&E. She is the owner of Metropolitan Organizing. When I looked her up online I was thrilled to see a website that ranks very well which was, of course, […]

Great Examples of Business Website Content

content examples

As a professional content creator I always sit up and pay close attention to great content when I see it. It is of no surprise to me that over the years some of the best content that I have seen comes directly from the business owner themselves; they are, after all, usually very passionate about […]